Yamamha GP Traction Mats 1300 R / GP 1200 R 2000-2002 / GP 800 R 2001-2005

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BlackTip Jetsports Elite traction mats are unlike anything the PWC industry has ever seen. With more color and pattern choices available than ever before. The Elite series mats are made from the same high quality material as our standard mat kits and also include our high strength PSA.

Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
Code: 130BE417

Style: Signature
Top Colour: Black
Bottom Colour: Red
Texture: Smooth

2000 GP 1200R
2001 GP 1200R
2002 GP 1200
2003 GP 1300R
2004 GP 1300R
2005 GP 1300R
2006 GP 1300R
2007 GP 1300R
2008 GP 1300R
2001 GP 800
2002 GP 800A
2004 GP 800A
2003 GP 800R
2005 GP 800R

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