PWC & Jet Boat Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner

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Brand: SBT
Code: 80-N6A-E
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uel injection passages can become clogged, restricting fuel delivery or flooding engines. SBT’s PWC & Jet Boat Fuel Injector Tester/Cleaner allows you to test, clean and rebuild injectors.

    • Advanced computer control for ease of use and accuracy
    • Easy to read LCD
    • Robust circuitry to allow a wide variety of injectors to be tested and cleaned

Fits most common Fuel injectors with straight configuration, Does not fit DI injectors with angled configuration

  • Integrated ultrasonic cleaner
  • Ability to test up to 6 injectors at once
  • Automated Idle, medium and high speed testing
  • Injector leakage testing
  • Idle, medium and high speed spray pattern testing
  • Comes with the same unmatched tech support SBT is known for
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